Julia's Rooted Kitchen

What's in season. What to do about it.


I’m Julia, a part-time farmer, full-time food-maker and lover. I’ve spent years working on farms, urban gardens, and farmers markets while making tasty, seasonal food for the people around me. I’ve decided it’s time to share what I’ve learned about seasonal food and the easy, yummy ways to prepare it.IMG_0026

Julia’s Rooted Kitchen is all about what’s in season, and what to do about it. It’s a place to learn about where your food comes from and how to make it delicious.

Whether you’re new to seasonal eating (or even just aspiring!), or an experienced foodie with a garden full of produce, there’s something here for you.

Check out the blog to get information on seasonal ingredients, like where garlic scapes grow or how eggplant got that funny name. See examples of what I’m cooking these days with the things growing right now, run-downs of what I’ve made, and links to other suggested recipes.

My passion for seasonal food has led me to start catering and leading classes and workshops, to bring seasonal treats right into your kitchen.

Making food that is rooted in the season has been a huge and wonderful part of my life. I hope it will be a part of yours, too.

And, as always, enjoy the season!