This winter, with very little "in season," I'm spending my time honing my bread-baking skills...

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It wasn't until last week that I finally let myself explore the world beyond flour, water, and salt. I had grown proud of my minimalism -- no artificial rise for me! But as I explored more recipes, I started to get yeast-curious.

My current obsession is King Arther flour's Sourdough Boule. Yes, it uses yeast. But the result is a hearty, seedy, beautiful loaf in much less time.

My sourdough boule

My sourdough boule

Plus, bread isn't the only option. Lizzie has tried sourdough pancakes. I've done sourdough crackers. And there's still a lot we haven't done yet.


If sourdough feels like a big step, there's a great intermediate option.

A friend recently told me about a NY Times recipe for No-Knead Bread. I saw it was by Mark Bittman and knew it would be excellent. The recipe uses yeast to make a quick overnight starter (with yeast), which has to sit overnight. It's a nice introduction to baking with a starter. My friend says (and I certainly believe) it's delicious.

And who knows, maybe it will inspire you to fall down the sourdough rabbit hole with me!