When I was growing up, my mom felt strongly that I learn the domestic arts. If you ask her, she'll explain that it's not because I am female, but because I am a person, and not enough people know how to cook, bake, and sew.

Me and my mom

Me and my mom

Clearly she had some serious foresight. As we "millennials" (I know, it's a terrible word) come of age, we're increasingly a generation of consumption. Our meals are delivered hot from local restaurants, or microwaved up after a run to Trader Joe's. Clothes are increasingly viewed as disposable. When nobody knows how to re-attach a button, and trends change practically daily, my generation is tossing clothes at a rate so high even second-hand stores can't keep up.

There are a lot of reasons for these shifts, but one I can't stop thinking about is the disappearance of Home Economics classes. Plenty of people don't want to eat out every night, or don't want to toss their favorite jeans because of a small tear, but don't know what to do.

Not only are these skills useful, and good for slowing the world's consumption, they're also profoundly rewarding. There is a pride I get out of wearing my skillfully mended clothes that cannot be matched. Similarly, there's immense joy in carefully crafting (or just throwing together!) ingredients and making a warm, filling meal for people I care about.

For years I've been lamenting the lack of Home Ec classes (and feeling deep gratitude to my mother's home-schooling in this realm). But when my favorite sewing studio in DC closed just as I was getting my cooking classes rolling, it became clear that it was time for action.

Introducing... Home Ec House Parties

Peach pie

Peach pie

I'm teaming up with Valerie, sewing instructor extraordinaire from Holland Cox, to bring home ec to you and your friends in your own home!

Here's the idea: YOU mix-and-match your choice of one sewing lesson and one cooking lesson and invite 3 to 9 friends over to your home to join in the fun. WE supply materials, snacks, and hands-on instruction for the group. EVERYONE makes a lot, learns a lot, and has a ton of fun!

You can read more about it (and the different sewing and cooking class options) HERE.

Help Us Kick It Off

Right now we're looking to host a few 'soft opening' Home Ec House Parties to help us flush out the new idea. For these first few events, we're charging ONLY the cost of materials. Want to be a trend-setter and help us kick these parties off? Get in touch with us on this page.