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Classes generally have 4 to 10 participants, depending on your space and how many people you want there. Price ranges based on class topic and size. For a small additional fee, you can request fresh-made snacks for your group to enjoy during the class.

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Start-to-Finish Pizza

Healthier and less expensive than your neighborhood pizzeria, homemade pizza is a ton of fun. Learn to make the yeast-based pizza dough, watch it rise, stretch it out, and make your own pie. Plus, learn the proper ways to slice and dice as we prep bountiful toppings for our pies.

Making the Most of the Season: Winter Squash

Looking to east seasonally but not sure where to start? Learn to celebrate the winter with three different ways to prepare and enjoy winter squash. You’ll hone your knife skills, learn kitchen tips and tricks, and make a delicious meal to enjoy as a group. Plus, you'll take home the recipes, and the know-how to follow them in your own kitchen.


Homemade Pasta

Sure, you can buy pasta at the store, but homemade pasta is way more delicious. You and your friends will learn to make the pasta dough, roll it out, and cut it. We can even pinch together some ravioli. Plus, we'll make a basic tomato sauce to top our fresh pasta. Delizioso!


Sweet Treats: Bundt Cake

Does the science of baking make you nervous? No need to fear. Learn to make a delicious bundt cake, the perfect treat for yourself or a dinner party. Through making the cake you'll learn a variety of baking techniques. At the end of class we'll all dig into something delicious and take home the recipe to enjoy at home. 


Mediterranean Mixer

Fabulously healthy and flavorful, Mediterranean food is becoming a bigger part of many people's lives. But who needs to buy it when you can make it! In this class we'll make hummus, babaganoush, cucumber salad, and homemade pita bread. Once you learn these staples you'll be making them every chance you get!

Galettes Galore

Galettes are a great vehicle for a wide variety of meals. Essentially free-form pies, galettes can be savory (butternut squash with caramelized onions and feta cheese) or sweet (cinnamon apple). In this class we'll do both, making the dough and filling for both a savory and sweet galette. You'll go home with the recipes and the know-how to serve up galettes to your family and friends.


Beyond Lettuce Salads

Sure, we want to be healthy. And we know salads are healthy. But maybe you've had one too many lettuce leaves this year. This class focuses on making healthy, seasonal salads that are not lettuce-based. We'll make salads with grains, cabbage, and kale. Plus, you'll hone your knife skills slicing and dicing veggies, and learn to make a variety of healthy and delicious homemade dressings.


"What Do I Do With My Farm Share?"

Farm shares are becoming more common, but plenty of folks bring home a bounty and then don't know what to do next. If you need a little help dealing with your haul, this is the class for you. It will be designed around what you're already receiving and expecting soon in your farm share to help you make the most of the season's bounty.

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